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I’d happily invest in a company that ends up failing in order to find a young entrepreneur who will go on to change the world.

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I consider myself a good listener and apportion a good deal of my success—not to mention my marriage—to this.Some entrepreneurs surround themselves with brilliant people and then ignore them.My worry is that people will get bored of onions and move on to carrots instead, putting your onion out of business.No matter what is happening in my business life, regardless of what situation my companies are in, somewhere in the back of my mind I will be mulling over a new idea.A special highlight this time: a road-rail vehicle from Mercedes-Benz with special fittings – the "Unimog" can be driven both on rails as well as on normal roads.

Auction date: Mon, 15 January, 1 pm Look forward to our weekly auctions with vehicles from the BMW Niederlassung Dreieich, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Kassel and BMW Niederlassungsverbund West. And because anticipation is half the fun, you can make your opening bid 30 % under starting price!

I work best when my mind is able to jump from one topic to the next in quick succession.

It keeps things lively, and it’s amazing how often good ideas for one company come out of another completely unrelated business.

Virgin has a note-taking culture and I’m certain it wouldn’t be the success it is today without it.

I jot down ideas, thoughts, requests, reminders and doodles every single day; if I didn’t I would forget them before I could ever put them into action.

It may be controversial to say it, but there is no job more important than being an entrepreneur.