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It's a cautionary tale for those who insist on revenge, illustrated both through the main plot and through a sub-plot's unheroic take on the 47 (or 46 in this case? Not what I would have predicted from Koreeda (all of whose other features I like very much), a film in a major key, but a welcome additional string to his bow (although it might not delight the thanatocentrically inclined - if thanatocentric isn't a word, it should be! Hana yori mo naho literally Even More Than Flowers (Hirokazu Kore'eda, 2006) Following Yoji Yamada's lead, Kore'eda travels back into the past -- to the dawn of the 1700s.

One sees sign not only of Yamada's influence here, but also of the director who inspired Yamada himself -- Sadao Yamanaka.

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The story follows a young samurai, fated to avenge his father's death.Will he choose vengeance and honor, or will he choose life? A young samurai, Aoki Sozaemon (Okada Junichi) has left his countryside hometown, and is now living in Edo (now Tokyo), in search of Kanazawa Jubei (Asano Tadanobu), the man who killed his father.The comparison to Truffaut isn't entirely inadequate.I can't think of another director whose films seems to work their way downwards from the very top--never sinking all that low, true, but never again reaching the remarkable strength of his first film.But it's a-ok, though I included the spoiler tag for a reason... *Genre: SAMURAI DRAMA*Director/Writer: Hirokazu Kore-eda (Nobody Knows, After Life)*Projected release for 2006.

A young samurai, Sozaemon Aoki departs to the city of Edo from his countryside hometown in north,[spoiler] to take revenge on his father's enemy.

That said, Koreeda's only made four fiction films so far, all three that I've seen very much worth watching.

It'll be a long time before I don't give his latest film a chance..

Although he has never forgot his task to find his father's enemy and to succeed in his vengeance, being around Osae and her son, Sozaemon feels a warm feeling inside, which leads to doubts about the entire act of revenge.

However, to walk away from the "revenge-act (ADAUCHI)", could actually bring his entire family down, not only without the reward from the Shogun, but also, as a samurai, to be unsuccessful on revenge would be an act of cowardice, and a disgrace to the entire family name.

With the discovery of the rich meaningful life rather than the meaningless death of a warrior, Sozaemon, together with his strange friends at the tenement row house, decides to plot an act of the lifetime..." is coming soon to DVD with English subtitles V6 member Junichi Okada stars as a poor samurai caught between avenging his father's death and living a peacefull life in the squalor of the shantytown of old Edo.