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Sozaemon, still not being able to decide on if he should take the act of revenge, goes on with his everyday life, teaching the neighborhood children mathematics, reading and writing.

Sozaemon, the provincial samurai, becomes friends with a variety of characters including a habitual drunk, an unsuccessful would-be petty official, a ragman, a perky girl, a doctor, and a scrivener.

As the relationships between the characters unfold we are led deeper in the blossoming love story of Sozaemon and the beautiful widow, Osae (Miyazawa Rie).

But it's a-ok, though I included the spoiler tag for a reason... *Genre: SAMURAI DRAMA*Director/Writer: Hirokazu Kore-eda (Nobody Knows, After Life)*Projected release for 2006.

A young samurai, Sozaemon Aoki departs to the city of Edo from his countryside hometown in north,[spoiler] to take revenge on his father's enemy.

Film available in both regular and limited editions (with bonus disc) which both feature English subtitles. Kore-eda's been saying for several years he's been working on a jidai geki for Shochiku. As far as I'm concerned, Kore'eda's first three features are all first-rate -- and his fourth might also be (waiting for additional viewings to be sure). After repeat viewings of Kore'eda's first four, it has become my favorite; a real masterpiece.

After many viewings I can see why the film might be seen as unmarketable, and it seems to have been very much ignored, but it would be a great contemporary film for Criterion or Palm to pick up...), and I very much want him to be on an upward curve.The comparison to Truffaut isn't entirely inadequate.I can't think of another director whose films seems to work their way downwards from the very top--never sinking all that low, true, but never again reaching the remarkable strength of his first film.Although he has never forgot his task to find his father's enemy and to succeed in his vengeance, being around Osae and her son, Sozaemon feels a warm feeling inside, which leads to doubts about the entire act of revenge.However, to walk away from the "revenge-act (ADAUCHI)", could actually bring his entire family down, not only without the reward from the Shogun, but also, as a samurai, to be unsuccessful on revenge would be an act of cowardice, and a disgrace to the entire family name.Also stars Tadanobu Asano, Rie Miyazawa, and Ryo Kase.