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United players Wes Brown and Mikael Silvestre did exactly that, in Alderley Edge, as did Roy Keane in nearby Hale. Now, cricketer Andrew Flintoff wants to bulldoze a property in neighbouring Mottram St Andrew.Last week, however, the villagers of Alderley Edge said they'd had enough, and claimed that such rampant development was spoiling the very essence of their lovely corner of England.

Moving into a house then promptly razing it to the ground is something of a modern footballing tradition - up there with flashing lots of bling.

Wayne Rooney - that purveyor of bad taste - started the craze, in nearby Prestbury, inviting the bulldozers to rip down a perfectly decent 1930s mansion so he could build the wedding cake concoction that has become known variously as Chav Towers or Waynesor Castle.

And little wonder feelings are still running so high about what will happen with this site - and dozens like it.

"It's an absolute scandal," one neighbour told us this week, when the Daily Mail went to see what on earth was going on.

Within weeks of Solskjaer's arrival, he was explaining his dilemma to the local planning department - arguing that total demolition of the much-admired property was the only option.

Instead, he wanted to build a Scandinavian-style home - all shiny glass and timber - which would boast a games room and, hopefully, a detached swimming pool building.

On this particular occasion, the offending sportsman is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

It may sound a bit outlandish, but it is exactly what is happening.

And where, pray, are you going to put a swimming pool? If you are a sporting giant, however, you have another option: hell, why not bulldoze the lot and start again, rewarding yourself with a 21st-Century home truly fit for a, well, footballer?

Well, if you are an Ordinary Joe, you might lob on a conservatory, invest in one of those machines that make the bath go all bubbly, and point the kids in the direction of the municipal leisure centre when they feel like a dip - all the while reminding yourself that you are lucky to be living in a house steeped in history, in one of the loveliest corners of Britain.

For 50 years Moat Cottage has stood proud, in one of the village's most beautiful locations, on Bradford Lane.