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After all, you might already know everyone in your own neighborhood.

Local dating is simply convenient as it means spending less time commuting and more time together.

If you're looking for love, it's probably best to start your search closer to home, in your local area, or an area you’re about to move to.

While modern technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch online if you're dating someone who lives in another city, it's hardly ideal.

Truth be told most dating sites aren’t local - some are even global - but you can easily search for singles in your area by using the city or post code.

That's the beauty of online dating: you can be as picky as you please.

In other words, it’s a lot cheaper than going to a different bar every week looking to meet new singles.

And as previously mentioned, you will meet singles from all over town and your nearby area, not just people you’ll bump into at your local bar, or coffeeshop.

Unless, of course, you meet someone whilst going for a stroll in the park, but let’s just say your chances of finding a date on are a lot higher!

How do you use local dating sites to find local singles?

We have like-minded members across the country, people like you – the type of people you meet every day in places like the gym, in the office, in the bar, etc.

Urbansocial has members in every area of the country, including all of the major cities, so if you are looking to meet single people in Birmingham, Bradford, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Sheffield or any other location around the UK, we have members waiting for you!

Besides, there are a lot more singles online than in any bar.