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Developed by Card Flight, Swipe Simple is one of the few solutions allowing retailers to leverage EMV card security features directly through handheld devices.By using this technology, our clients can: However, the benefits don’t stop there.

Most smart device POS readers only permit swipe-and-sign payments.Although such mobile solutions are convenient, merchants and customers using them remain exposed to data theft.Setting up your Android device is every bit as straightforward.Our partnership with Swipe Simple dates to the summer of 2016 — nearly one year after the Payment Card Industry introduced liability rules governing EMV credit cards.The rapid advancements in mobile technology have allowed consumers to shop online and make payments via mobile wallet apps.

Mobile credit card processing is now more accessible, convenient and secure.

With nothing to download or install, there’s no time wasted and no phone battery drain. With a single click, see the location of your loved one or employee’s phone on a high resolution graphic or satellite view map - you choose.

Renting a car without a credit card used to be nearly impossible.

Combining Blue Pay’s PCI-compliant payment security with Swipe Simple’s EMV technology not only helps reduce credit card fraud in your store — but it can help you generate more sales.

According to Tim Trench, EVP of Product at Blue Pay, There are many ways to grow a successful business, but switching to EMV-enabled mobile credit card processing is a strategy that offers several profit-generating advantages.

Of course, reserving a rental car with a debit card – rather than a credit card – does come with a couple of caveats, including: Note: If you’re reserving a car with a debit card, keep in mind that when the company performs a credit check, it WILL show up on your credit report and may have an effect on your credit evaluation.