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I rubbed my cock on her pussy for sometime and then pushed in.

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She moaned and pressed my head towards her pussy and said-Eat me baby,eat me well.I have controlled my desires for a long time and today you have made them out of control. I was busy in sucking and Aunty came in no time and filled my mouth with her granny batter which I lapped up. I got naked and she saw my cock and said-Its big and I would love to suck it and drink its juice first but there is not much time for that.The moment I saw her in my colony,my mouth watered and my cock got hard dreaming about the various ways in which I can fuck her. I went in and she offered me a seat and said-What would you like to have?But how to get in touch with her was the problem as she was new in the colony. I have got some special oil for her and you please go and give it to her on the way to the college. I thought-I would like to have you naked and have your all three holes pleasuring me but I said-No Aunty,its OK. My mother told me that it should be massaged two times daily.Did you know that My Phone consists of REAL people that create and run their own pay per minute adult phone sex lines?

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Her son was unmarried and live alone till her mother came along. After some days,my mother gave me a bottle of oil and said-You know Shekhar Uncle Arun? Mom said-You also know that his mother is also present here for treatment. My heart was filled with joy as I will get the chance to see and talk with her or may be fuck her. She said-If you don’t mind,can you chat with me for sometime? If you have no problem,we can chat till he comes back. She said-Thank you so much and say my thanks to your mother too. We talked for around 10 mins and I thought its time to go into action as the less time remains, I wont be able to get all my pleasures from her. She smiled and said-OK,lets see how you can give me pleasure with your massage. Soon she was relaxed and began to talk with me about her family,friends,husband etc.

Since she was alone in the house normally during the day time, I thought it would be great if I just sneak in at a proper time and finish my work before her son comes back. I went to her house and sounded the bell and she opened the door and said-What do you want son? Due to the pain in my knees, I cant go out often and feel bored here. I said-Aunty,why don’t you lie down and I will massage the oil on your knees. I while rubbing the oil was moving her saree upwards so that I would be able to see her pussy.

I always thought your Uncle had a big cock till I saw yours. We rested for sometime and I said-Aunty, I think we have some time left for another round before Uncle comes back.

She said-Yes,let me suck and bring your cock to life.

She undid her blouse so that I could press her boobs but I hardly could reach them because of her big belly.