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With a gorgeous Prada number, Anna enters the lion's den. Her younger sister, Aggy, is a combination of Lydia and Jane.

She expected an entrance where everyone would stare at her in awe, but once she's at the reunion party, no one even recognizes her! She shouldn't be giving any of her bullies the time of day, but instead, she finds herself on a pretend date with the same boy in high school who instigated her biggest humiliation in school. She has Lydia's exuberant personality and Jane's innocence and kindness.

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She's more than ready to quietly leave the place, but she catches the eye of her childhood crush slash life ruiner, James Fraser, and his best friend Laurence. And Anna's unfortunate enough to overhear him tell Laurence that she's "not that hot, not my type." After leaving the reunion party, Anna hopes to never cross paths with anyone from school ever again, but she then discovers that the advertising agency who is in partnership with the project she is handling is the same one James Fraser works for. It doesn't end on the pretend date; there's a night out at the theatre with him, his best friend, her sister, and her best friend, a moment at his flat, and at hers. Some more than others have been bullied when we were young, and as much as we try to let bygones be bygones, there will always be a remnant of hurt that will latch on to us. I'm not the kid I was in high school, and although I try to not give a fuck now, there are times when it still hurts. She obviously adores Anna, and although sometimes she comes off a bit petulant, she means well. James was a piece of shit in school because of what he did to Anna.Not only do they not recognize her, Laurence even tries to hit on her. Nothing happened, of course, since James is still technically married to his cheating wife, but the fact that that even happened is something Anna never expected nor dreamt of. I was called ugly and fat because I was a chubby girl with frizzy hair, glasses, and braces. Her mother is a bit silly, and her father is indolent but considers Anna his favorite child. Sure he's a changed man now, and he and Anna actually got on quite well, but I really wanted redemption for Anna.A visit to a health store could prompt a change in diet (or the other way around! News from friends born under Sagittarius and Pisces helps balance your scales. Our heroine Aureliana returns to school after fifteen years for a reunion.Our heroine Aureliana returns to school after fifteen years for a reunion.

Now in her 30s, Aureliana wants to put the past behind her once and for all and face up to the bullies who made her life hell.

There were times I had to stop reading and google something because this book had a lot of English slang!

I thought I had a grasp of their slang, but sometimes I felt like I was reading a different language.

The physical attraction is not what started their good rapport.

Their friendship is based purely on their interests and genuine pull towards each other.

You could have a moment of genius: it's as likely that you'll throw a spanner in the works.