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Felsted School was founded in 1564, as a Grammar School by Richard Lord Riche who lived at Leez Priory.Lord Riche was by then an old man, approaching seventy, but at the peak of his career he had been Lord Chancellor under King Edward VI.A wide West end was added with gallery above and choir vestry beyond.

Originally the school was housed in the centre of the village of Felsted in a converted Guild Hall with shops on the ground floor.This building is still used by the school today, currently as the Preparatory School Music Department.H A Dalton (1890-1906) began the process of expansion by moving the youngest boys in School House to the new Preparatory House in 1894.In between there were two different names; it was “the Junior House” when enlarged in 1935 and “the Junior School” when the Ross Hall was added in 1970 along with much else.Glasscock himself sent an average of three boys a year to Cambridge and taught William Byrd of Westover, Virginia.

W J Carless (Headmaster from 1794-1813), an Old Etonian, was the first real builder. Thirty years later, when Arnold was filling Rugby, Felsted was almost empty; and in the late Forties the school was closed.

The Riches governed the school till the male line died out in 1673.

The last three Schoolmasters they appointed - George Manning (1567-1627), Martin Holbeach (1627-1649) and Christopher Glasscock (1650-1690)- gave Felsted School national fame.

In 1912 F Stephenson (1906-33) provided the long-awaited Hall, named after WS Grignon, and in 1924 the long line of War Memorial Classrooms and the Library upstairs were added.

In 1925 the Old Felstedian Society bought back the original Tudor Schoolroom and gave it to the School and from 1966 it became the Art School.

The Philipps Trust funded the building of a Sports Hall, which was opened in 1978 by Dickie Jeeps, the then Chairman of the Sports Council. The Old Felstedians generously refurbished the swimming pool in 1983.