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Moving on with other homeland productions, Kwon expanded his acting pursuits beyond national borders and starred in Chinese films including with Jackie Chan in ‘CZ12’.Some of his other notable works are TV series ‘Daemul’ and ‘Temptation’ and films ‘71: Into the Fire’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in High School’.Son again became the centre of attention in 2006 when she got involved with music video director Cool K.

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I hope you can visit here in our country (Philippines) I want to see you in personal. After I watch Stairway to Heaven almost everyday I felt so in love with both actors KSW and CJW your popularity on almost to everything makes you guys look so handsome together.

I even watch Tempation you guys looks more majority and pretty keep up the good look.

Glad to see his face on that k-drama and thank god i watched that k-drama,so fun and funny~,like the shouting part~? I been a fan of Korean actors but this guy the reason why i dream to visit Korea someday i want to see him in person.. Kwon Sang Woo im a huge fan of yours hope to see you someday.. i like the way he smile :) im a big fan of yours,watched some of ur movies & drama series like stairway to heaven,medical top you will do comedy romantic romance in your next project. kwon sang woo love you so see you everytime.are the best of the best and all time my favourite actor..i can see you real...waiting for your next drama and films.the saranghe oppa... ^^ note: knowing that the son was born only 5/6 months from his marriage, I can say um... Haha but still I love his pieces of work : D Oh my god i love kwon sang woo!!!!!! i have seen all the movies,dramas that he appears and i loved each of it.. you really can't stop crying so cool i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really love you, you're one of the best actors I have ever seen and one of my top 5 I admire you because you are a christian.

Just love him, blessings to him and his wonderful family. Your face is soooooooo handsome and i love the hair :) [Im weird][Most k-actors i like got the same hair fashion] I don't care about the bodies :/ a.k.a Abs, :/ cz i don't have interest on it.: D i just luv the handsome face and da hair!! : D [Commented with love] ☺saw him on Queen Of Mystery K-drama,looks cool and awesome.? versatile actor:can portray all acting as an actor.bright,charming,handsome. i hate her Sang Woo Oppa, To the BEST actor in the BEST Melodrama “Stairway To Heaven” no one made me cry like you did oppa you're AMAZING I'm you fan forever.

It’s about time we profiled Kwon Sang-woo because his popular works are being shown on local TV.

With his model good looks and onscreen charisma, it’s little wonder that Mr. The 31-year-old modelled before embarking on an acting career.Saranghaeyo, I love you, you are definitely one great actor. And been inlove with you ever since ( Love CJW too). It would be nice for you to visit USA, that way we all have a chance to meet you in person. I underdtand is not the a single men anymore and he respect his wife but he is an actor a good one. Keep up the good work and make the difference!!!!!!!!! I know all of your fans would love that and would go see you without a doubt... YOUR #1 FAN I like you because your a good actor, when I see you in Stairway to Heaven I told myself ahh this actor is good he can express his character role. I found him recently and from then i saw everything from his work. I love kwon sang woo Kwon Sang Woo, you're really a great actor. He was noted for the popular flick My Tutor Friend, which was released in 2003.In 2004, he tackled the role of a Catholic priest in Love So Divine. Kwon revealed that his mother is a Roman Catholic and that he was encouraged by friends to be baptised. Hai hai~,like to see you in Queen Of Mystery K-drama,and im getting addicted to see you there.