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If you are going to run then you should consider running on a sandy beach or on grass only.Just think about the pounding your knees are taking while running on concrete like I see so many people doing today.sportyfungirl women is inspiring, I should try and run at least a 10K. I usually only run on a treadmill, it's convenient, a good surface and I can monitor heartrate.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I trained with others for my first offical 5k about 9 years ago and ever since Ive trained on my own.

Checked out the barefoot five fingers running glove, very odd feeling.I think I will get a pair, I can see how you should start out slow with them, your foot hits the ground in a very different way.^^^ I tried on the women's SPYRIDON LS and CLASSIC.I guess that would make you a hard-core, long-time jock. As a veteran marathon runner, triathlete and race director (who prefers to work out alone) I can say there are benefits to participating in a running club or multisport organization, and some people seem to get a better result if they incorporate group training into their regimen.It’s not for everyone, but I would encourage everyone to try it. I've been running almost everyday for about four years now.I don't think it had anything to do with the surface I run on.

KSOs have been so much more durable for me I've simply stuck to them a while.I know 2 people that messed up their knees for life by ignoring pain while running.Too much running on concrete is no good for your knees, better to walk long distances then run on concrete.I heard a urologist say that people compartmentalize the body too much.His take on erectile dysfunction is that it's a vascular issue and it's quite likely that lots of other blood vessels are constricted or clogged; ED is just a symptom of a much bigger health issue.^^^ I am sure you and the Doc are right about the ED thing just being a symptom of bigger health issues. I have exercised most of my life, but I do tend to cycle from doing nothing for a few months to pushing hard.The reason I don't train with others is cause of the pace issue. The (multisport) club I belong to is as much about information-and-ride-sharing as it is about cooperative training, but we get over the pace differential issue by having track workouts at the local high school track (speed work, fartleks...) or by starting our cross-town runs together but grouping runners with pacers (sub-7s, milers, etc) so when people get separated from the larger group it’s with a group of similarly skilled athletes. advise get great shoes and socks and do not get any pedicures. I started with the cushy shoes and battled shin splints and other crap so much I switched to the barefoot fad.