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Dhule District and a part of Gujrath lie to its north. till 1312, it was under the regime of Yadavas of Devgiri.

He inspired by the call given by Krantisingh Nana Patil of Patri Sarkar. The evidence in this case establishes that prior to the year 1906, an association of young men, mostly Brahmans, existed in Nashik under leadership of Ganesh & Vinayak Savarkar which was known as the Mitra-Mela.

He therefore contributed in many revolutionary activities for freedom from British India. He was convicted in a political trial in the year 1940. In it were reproduced the features of other similar associations in the Deccan to which reference has already been made.

Principal Court is presided over by District Judge-1. Ultimately the Judge has held that there is no sufficient evidence to held that Krantiveer Vasantrao was underground and therefore defence of accused was accepted.

There are Civil Courts at Satana, Sinnar, Nandgaon, Dindori, Chandwad, Kalwan, Yeola, Pimpalgaon(B), Manmad City, Manmad (Rly) and Nashik-Road, Motor Vehicle Court.1840 : Sarvajanik Vachanalaya established. The citizen of Nashik had no opportunity of hearing trial, which is quoted as one of the trial of freedom fight of India.

Subsequently, Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj set free Nashik (Gulshanabad) from the Mughal's rule and then from 1818 ie until the decline of Peshwas, Nasik was under the British rule till India got freedom.

Nashik District was then divided into two parts during the time when British started its ruling.

Its occasion was the impending departure of Vinayak Savarkar for England in the middle of June 1906, a step which he was enabled to take owing to his being the recipient of a scholarship given by Shamji Krishna Varma, the founder of the India House at Highgate.

Up to the time of his departure, Vinayak Savarkar had been one of the most active & probably the most stimulating of the members of the Mitra Mela.

After independence, under his leadership as a Chairman of “Maharashtra State Road Transport” the entire organization of S. After release from jail he participated in “Quit India” movement under the leadership of “Father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi”. Exciting songs were prepared for the Ganpati & Shivaji festivals & the members of the Mitra-Mela used to join in singing these songs either in procession or in the precincts of some temple or other place of assembly.

Many people were infringed in jail as they participated in the said movement. Physical instruction was given to members by one of the witnesses in this case & by a Mahomedan brought for the purpose from Baroda.

The Court of Civil Judge Senior Division was established in the year 1993, to cover the areas comprising the revenue Talukas as Niphad, Yeola, Chandwad & Pimpalgaon. The said trial was attended by various citizens, students and huge followers of Vasantrao Naik. The defence of accused was that he was never underground, he was meeting everybody including Police and therefore was not underground.