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Pregnancy over age 50 has, over recent years, become more possible for women, due to recent advances in assisted reproductive technology, in particular egg donation.Typically, a woman's fecundity ends with menopause, which by definition is 12 consecutive months without having had any menstrual flow at all.

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Aggie had been premenopausal for two years and could not produce the child herself, so she had to undergo fertilization hormone to boost her menstrual cycles so that the matrix can accommodate two to seven eggs retrieved by her daughter and fertilized in vitro with the sperm from her daughter's partner, Wilson Brown.One of the two implanted embryos happened to appear in a lateral position in Aggie's uterus as a result of which she conceived her granddaughter through caesarean section.Researchers estimate that compared to a male fathering a child in his early 20's - there is double the chance of the child getting schizophrenia when the father is age 40, and triple the risk of schizophrenia when the father is age 50 (though, for most people this means the risk goes from approximately 1 in 121 when a man is 29, to 1 in 47 when a man is age 50 to 54).The oldest mother to date to conceive, was 71 years, and the youngest mother, 5 years old.Japanese politician Seiko Noda gave birth to a boy in Tokyo conceived through in vitro fertilization.

After years of unsuccessful fertility treatments and several miscarriages, Noda decided to receive assistance from an American egg donor.

Fillippini and her husband had 10 children altogether from their previous marriages, but wanted to have a child together.

Heather Elizabeth Parisi, Italian-American singer and actress, already mother of two daughters of her previous unions, Rebecca Jewel Manenti, 16, and Jacqueline Lune di Giacomo, 10, gave birth on May 22, 2010, in Vicenza, Italy, to twin girls, Elizabeth Jaden and Dylan Maria, naturally conceived with her 42-year-old third husband contractor, Umberto Maria Unzollin.

Tinna and Wilson separated shortly before the birth of their daughter.

The young biological mother decided to bring the child to Fort Mc Murray, 330 km north-east of Edmonton with her husband, Sean Noseworthy.

American actress Adrienne Barbeau gave birth to twin sons, Walker Steven and William Dalton, on March 17, 1997, at the age of 51. Senator and Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards, gave birth to son Jack in 2000 at the age of 51.