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Kim Jong-un was formally announced as his father's successor on Boxing Day 2011.

Two years later Jang Song-thaek would be executed in one of Kim's first purges.

Poverty is rife in North Korea after years of sanctions and economic mismanagement.In May the UN World Food Program reported that 4.4 million North Koreans - 17 percent of the population - are in a state of “crisis, emergency, and famine” and 5.6 million live in a “stressed” situation when it comes to food.Despot Kim has fathered three children with his wife - who is believed to have once visited South Korea as part of a cheerleading squad.According to previous intelligence reports, Ri married the dictator in 2009 and gave birth to their first child the following year, with their second born in 2013.This brings the entirety of the North Korea population living in food insecurity to 10 million.

North Korea is the only country in all of East Asia with food insecurity, the report adds.The strongman leader allegedly has access to a £5million superyacht, a fleet of bulletproof Mercedes limousines and a ski resort for him and his cronies.North Korea has been accused of funding Kim’s extravagant lifestyle through illegal operations including hacking banks, selling weapons, dealing drugs and trafficking endangered species, au reported.Here is what we do know about the elusive dictator and his family.Not much is known about Kim Jong-un's early life which he mostly spent in the secretive land of North Korea.Despite being Supreme Leader of the reclusive state he is technically not the head of it.