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The trial for an Avondale woman, charged with capital murder in a 1995 cold case, began this morning with opening statements and testimony.Tricia Faye Abney, now 42, was arrested in 2015 and charged with robbing and killing Justin Barnett, who was 23 at the time he disappeared. Barnett was still considered a missing person until January 2015, when Birmingham police Cold Case Detective Jonathan Ross said a man came forward, saying he had information about a 20-year-old unsolved case.

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"The young man was at Sammy's and offered to give [Abney] a ride home," Anthony said."This was not a planned event." Anthony said "not one time" did Abney tell police she stabbed Barnett, or admit to being involved in the crime.She and Barnett met in 1993, and moved together to Birmingham in 1994.They moved into an apartment on Southside, and both found jobs.Horton said she knew Barnett sold marijuana-- she didn't approve of it, so they didn't talk about it much.

She did know that he kept the drug and cash stowed in a backpack he always carried.She said Barnett's head and arms were cut off and placed in black trash bags, while his torso was wrapped in a bloody carpet.Barentt's remains were buried in a Bibb County field, where Jernigan said police are still searching for any remains that might still be there after 20 years. nobody knows that like Justin Barnett's family, how precious time is." Jernigan said, "This is the time. It is time for [Tricia Abney] to be held accountable for her actions and for the role she played in the well-planned..."I can't even recall any warning for what I was fixing to see," Johnathan Abney said Tuesday.Johnathan Abney went into the living room, where he said he sat on the couch in shock.There, the three left the Prizm, and Johnathan Abney got into Martin's car with Martin and his sister.