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I played many Verdi requiems and the like but one was at the old Kings Hall, Bellevue, Manchester, a hall used as a circus show in the winter seating 7.000 souls.

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It was, and still is, necessary that they be tuned in ET, given the use of remote keys and modulation. The large victorian organs ubiquitous to English town halls were designed to play arranged symphonic repertoire in the absence of an orchestra.Therefore at the more distant listening locations, the effect will be more pronounced because the sound has traveled a longer path through the air volume.2) A psychoacoutic effect that happens in our brains tends to make frequencies above 2000Hz flatten in pitch as they decay from loud to soft.The converse effect happens with frequencies lower than 2000Hz - they sound as if they're going sharp. It's very noticeable in large-volume venues with organs and a long reverberation time.With every concert being recorded these days, with close mikes and ambient mikes, Some at the back of our biggest halls,, what now?

As a concert tuner, working in largest halls in many parts of the world, I have never been instructed to tune sharp trebles.

My argument is against sharpening for distance which has nothing to do with temperament or i H. Modern European and North American organs being installed in symphony halls are designed mostly for recital work and can and are well used in a Well Temperament. Only organs intended with a nod to historic intentions are tuned in unequal temperaments. PTG Associate AIO Regular Member ASCAPPipe Organ Builder Chief Instrument Technician, Director, Chancel Arts Church Music Professional AA Music Arts 2001, BM Organ, Choral 2005Baldwin F 1960 (146256)Zuckermann Flemish Single Just a few thoughts in general. None of the top flight musicians we work with ever complain that we tune flat trebles.

Large English cathedral organs were designed for service music, much of it composed in the 20th century, and sung and played in remote keys, hence the need for ET. About as practical as a piano with a 102 note compass.

At above 2000Hz, (C7 and up) it becomes significant.

The larger the volume of air inside the the space, (read: greater distances between source and receiver), the more noticeable it's going to be.

*Piano & Music Accessories *Live Piano Venues *Music School Listings * Buying a Piano *Buying A Acoustic Piano *Buying a Digital Piano *Pianos for Sale *Sell Your Piano *How Old is My Piano? Isn't it time they faced up to their responsibilities to the musicians and budding musicians they serve???? Another thing that I remember hearing years ago, is that the high treble needs to be tuned sharp for concert work, because notes will sound flatter at the back of the hall.