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The other give days of the week, they are required to eat balanced meals made up of approved meats, vegetables, fats, and fruits.

With Gwyneth Paltrow, Shailene Woodley, and Salma Hayek among the many celebrities touting the benefits of nutrient-rich bone broth, it was only a matter of time that the trendy new beverage would be transformed into a full-on diet plan. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet, nutritionist and paleo lifestyle expert Dr.Kellyann Petrucci's promises that followers of her plan will lose up to 15 pounds and four inches - and their wrinkles - in just 21 days thanks a broth made primarily with animal bones and simmered for hours on end.When it was lunch time, I quickly realized the salad I packed was quite bland, and I felt hungry after eating, although I am not sure hungry is necessarily the right word.I really missed crunchy carbs and reaching for a midday snack.I couldn't afford to go that route, so her acknowledgement that chicken isn't always possible was comforting.

I felt less guilty about using the chicken that has been sitting in my freezer for months.

Like Gisele Bundchen, I too would avoids iodized salt for the sake of weight loss.

Restrictive: Grains, corn-based products, refined processed oils, artificial sweeteners, dairy, sugars, processed foods, beans, legumes, white potatoes, and alcohol are forbidden on Dr.

'It’s very good for all your health and it’s full of collagen, when you drink it, it’s like fat…

I think people are afraid of fat, and fat is your friend.'Although the consumption of bone broth may seem like a new diet fad, older generations have been using animal bones to make broth as a relatively inexpensive way to create a nutrient-rich meal for years.

In defense of the recipe, my boyfriend Chris thought it was great, but I had never had creamy curry before, and this was not the time to start testing my taste buds.