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The kind of scene I'm sure you wanted to see (and Osouk too, and probably most of us) just isn't possible for TV.

To get that, you'd have to go with ZFX or one of your customs from PKF.

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She must have been naked or nearly so at some point, so right – “let's take a quick break here and let our captive Miss Mexico get dressed before we knock the stuffing out of her”.And as Joanna has already mentioned, what sort of idiot interrogator would attach electrodes to the victim's wrists? You would be very hard pressed to qualify the guy performing the act as "good" (someone came earlier with the "lawful/chaotic" distinction, typical of D&D role playing!Covers: The more MAM covers you post, the more I miss these 'zines. Ralphus: Thanks for clipping the “Senora Acero” scene, but as with most television GIMP, there is so much wasted potential here.First off, Blanca clearly has a body to die for, but the director goes to ridiculous lengths to make sure we don't see much of it.In my opinion, the individual tormenting the GIMP in any of these situations is going to be bad (as in evil).

Even though perps in both camps may rationalize their behavior as being acceptable, necessary or even virtuous, I don't think Saint Peter would be impressed.

Most TV GIMPage is pretty lame, but this scene, and also the recent Yvonne Stahovski scene on "24", were the exceptions to the rule.

This was actually a really good scene, and what made it stand out was because it was both good AND on television, albeit foreign television.

But on the plus side she is a total babe, and her performance is credible.

I like the way she looks more disheveled as it goes on, and in my mind I can see what's going to happen to her after the camera leaves her - and it's not going to be pleasant for her. Love the details like the ripped stockings which means I must have put up a struggle when I was being captured or restrained or stripped and the smoke around the clips shows its some heavy voltage that I'm getting, and the gag means I'm not being put through an interrogation; someone just wants to se me in agony...

I first saw this shot in a magazine decades ago, and just recently came across it in another forum.