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^^ Oh my god please don't tell me that this is her current hair color !!!Tyra Banks does not need "America's Next Top Model," "America's Next Top Model" needs Tyra Banks.

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“I have sat, like, in a bathroom stall during lunch so that, like, I can eat my food and nobody, like, will see me being alone.” She says "like" too much, but that just adds to her endearing awkwardness.She's not polished, she's just a real, live "dork" like the rest of us!She hopes that by example she will inspire other former contestants to speak up about the treatment they have received during and following America’s Next Top Model. As the All Stars winner in 2011 she was entitled to a package that included a 0,000 contract with Cover Girl cosmetics and a magazine fashion spread in Vogue Italia At the time Tyra appeared genuinely moved and engaged by Angelea's tragic loss.She has a vision of them standing side by side ‘like the victims of Bill Cosby.’Preston has claimed that the girls were often forced to film for 16 or 17 hours without food or water and that for lengthy periods the contestants were 'put on ice' meaning they were not allowed to eat, drink or talk until called upon for filming. She recalled: 'When I came on the show Tyra's trying to act so concerned. I thought I was going to live out my dreams.'Far from launching her career as a model America's Next Top Model has, according to Angelea, destroyed any hope she might have of making it in the industry – branding her an escort and, she believes, rendering her all but unbookable.Says Angelea, 'I couldn't work after cycle 14 because of how I was portrayed. They wanted to catch me in distress and they wanted to get Tyra involved. She didn't care that I was sick.'The prize was a fashion spread in Vogue Italia, a cover and a spread in Beauty in Vogue, a blog on Vogue.it, a fashion campaign in Express, a guest correspondent placement for Extra, a 0,000 contract with Cover Girl cosmetics and the chance to be the face of an ANTM-perfume to be launched and sold nationally.

People viewed me as ghetto and a bitch, impossible to work with. And for a brief moment she thought she had all this.

Dethroned: Just one month after being crowned America's Next Top Model in the show's All Stars season, producers took back Angelea Preston's title.

She has sued Tyra and the show and is speaking out for the first time since the devastating blow was dealt back in 2011Tyra the tyrant?

According to Angelea they were often kept in a holding room 'on ice' for hours on end, guarded by members of the production team. But by cycle 17 she completely forgot I had a daughter. She explained: 'I couldn't work after cycle 14 because of how I was portrayed.

And she has alleged that on one occasion crew withheld medical care when she suffered an anxiety attack and exhaustion following her final runway shoot so that the dramatic scenes could be captured on camera. People viewed me as ghetto and a bitch, impossible to work with. At one point during the audition process, she said, 'the casting director came into my hotel room in LA and said, "Look, I heard some things and I know you know what I'm talking about but you take this opportunity and you run with it."'She said: 'We were in Greece and I was so tired from doing the final runway that I became sick. I have asthma so initially I thought I was having an asthma attack.

They recognized me from the show and they didn't want to even look at me. So I'm breathing hard, I'm panting and they're getting all this on film. She left then the executive producer came in and said, "We'll get you to hospital."'It was only later Angelea said that she found out, 'They said this is the most exciting thing that has happened since we've been filming in Greece so we're going to let the cameras roll.