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A net shift of 0 million in the co-ops net worth.The headline asks the question, how much did the GENYouth gala in New York City on December 6 pay former president Bill Clinton?At the earliest, that legislation will be considered in late January 2018. Hardin proposes regionalizing feed costs and net milk prices to make MPP-Dairy work properly along with a lot of other overdue changes for federal diary policy.

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Now Dairy Farmers of America is pushing members of the Lowville Milk Producers and Jefferson Bulk milk co-ops to become full equity partners with DFA, or lose their access to markets through DFAs subsidiary, Dairy Marketing Services. The headline tells the story of dairy commodity price trends during the past month. Nate Wilson reports that on December 18, new federal rules about truckers needing electronic log books will create headaches for livestock haulers.Writer Jan Shepel details a presentation of a proposal for immigrant farm labor rules reform that was conducted at World Dairy Expo by the American Dairy Coalition. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) has submitted legislation calling for labor reforms involving immigrant farm workers. Of great interest: Noises from the EU agricultural commissioner that its time to tighten up the intervention program in which EU nations buy surplus skim milk powder. Drivers will be limited to 10 hours of driving time, with four hours of non-driving time behind the wheel.Executive director of OFARM, John Bobbe, takes a scathing look at how the Organic Trade Assn., a supposed organic organization, belatedly discovered fraud in organic grain imports.Bobbe lists an array of other OTA misdeeds that have harmed the integrity of organic foods. This story reveals the widespread fraud behind some Chinese corporations and investors. There is no hope for milk powder prices in the coming half-year, except perhaps in the event of a nuclear war. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, whos peeved at complaining farmers and farm groups that are worried about loss of export markets due to the Trump administrations anti-NAFTA policies. dairy leadership is falsely blaming Canada for this nations inability to balance milk supplies with demand.We invite dairy farmers to contact a long list of dairy promotion groups asking questions about whether their state/regional promotion groups bought tables (10 persons) at that gala with chairs costing ,500 to ,000 each.

Writer Jan Shepel profiles the Salemville Cheese Co-op in Wisconsin.Sales of fat-reduced dairy products have been, and are, in the toilet. On December 6, GENYOUth is hosting a gala fundraiser in New York City. John Bobbe, the director of OFARM (an organic grain marketing co-op), details the latest troubling developments involving imports of fraudulent organic grain. This latest event follows months of scandals involving bribery of politicians, meat plant inspectors and bankers. That move will cost many Grassland producers a few hundred dollars per cow per year.Individual seats at that banquet cost from ,500 to ,000. Bobbe concludes that USDAs under-funded organic grain police are no match for organized crime elements in Eastern Europe and Russia that are flooding the U. USDA hastily released three years of Reports to Congress on the dairy promotion programs.In our analysis, years of low farm prices for most major U. agricultural commodities will come to a head in 2018, with a crisis of available credit being compounded by continued low prices.Dairy ought to be near the top of the list among ag commodities.( Recent days have witnessed dramatically higher barrel Cheddar prices, compared to 40-lb. This inverted split, coupled with CME cash market prices being lower than USDAs AMS weekly survey prices, sets the table for cash flow challenges to cheese plants that must pay their patrons the Class III (cheese) milk price dictated by USDAs federal milk orders.