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These are designed to expose you to Spanish as a living language.

You'll be given the opportunity to go into the community and practice your Spanish far beyond the classroom environment.

I took 6 weeks of Spanish lessons with Hola Spanish Centre prior to going on an adventure tour in Peru.

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Unlike other courses that give you every which way possible, I simply give you the "easiest way" to do things. Spanish In Action These interactive experiences are an extension of our group, one-on-one and conversational classes.Cost ranges from to , which includes some food, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and other activities. Testimonials "…a wonderful way to practice the language; an intimate, interactive experience … Spanish Abroad For us, Living Spanish is more than just a name.We understand that to truly speak and understand a language, one must live it every day.Think Spanish is an online language learning program designed for students of all ages to learn, speak, read and...

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Spanish in the Market Restaurant Spanish Street Spanish Cooking in Spanish Spanish Yoga Class (in summer) Workshops last 2 hours; costs vary by activity. Spanish Cafe Nights Whether you are bilingual or a complete beginner, our Spanish Café nights are the best introduction to our community.

Come and meet people with a common interest in Spanish while experiencing a piece of Latin culture. The people are very eager to practice their Spanish, which is excellent for us beginners.

Through Rosa Maria's own experience learning English, she developed a belief that the best way to learn a language is to envelope oneself in the local culture. A, plus teaching and counselling students at several institutions, Rosa Maria launched her own academy, Living Spanish.

After designing and teaching "survival" and conversational Spanish at the Y. Rosa Maria's philosophy: Language need not be boring or rigid, but rather fun, spontaneous and experiential.

These unique cultural events complement her interactive Spanish in the Market and Spanish at the restaurant. Job opportunities We are always looking for experienced Spanish instructors.