In need of updating

However, I think it is important to not keep changing your logo.

You want people to trust your business and what you stand for.

Your logo should accurately represent who you are as a company and what you stand for.

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One thing you should not fall prey to is the tendency to wrongly presume that the listing price has not already been adjusted for the fact you are buying a home that needs work.

Most sellers already realize the home needs work and have accounted for it when pricing the home.

I think we’re finding that when we are doing web redesigns, we are also getting the opportunity to refresh logos.

We are giving them updated/modern looks, therefore their logo should fit and be consistent across all main marketing materials.” Karlie “Consider a logo makeover when you want to bring new energy to your company to start fresh.” -Shayla Design trends change leaving your logo out-of-date.

Fonts, color trends, and design style are common elements that can be changed to give your logo a fresh look. Establish your brand with a graphic that is easily recognized and remembered.

Subtle changes may be needed or a full logo redesign. Simple logos tend to stand the test of time, becoming highly recognized to a broad audience – examples such as Apple, Target, and Nike.

A purist who loves the character of 1940 homes might prefer its original condition and disagree.

Whether a house really needs work is based on personal opinion. Sometimes sellers will ask if they should fix up a home or sell it as is, and while certain repairs will bring more money, some types of improvements are better left as an option for the buyer.

Since work is often in the eye of the beholder, let's talk about the types of houses that could use work.

Further, how you would pursue a purchase offer will most likely depend on the category, the type of home you are buying that needs work.

A professional logo and public image will give you a competitive edge.