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Rather, we fall into routines of dinner and/or a movie.

The Studio Movie Grill Groupon is always by Justin Buzzard and connected with his statement on husbands.

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You could also do this in shifts where the first couple watches the kids for a few hours while the second couple goes out. They came to our home with their kids, and our daughter watched them while we all went out on a date. This works if you and your spouse have flexibility with your schedules and your children are in school.

You can take advantage of the kids being at school during the day and plan a lunch date with your spouse.

Dave Carder, author of , states that one of the most common characteristics in couples that have affairs is a marriage marked/characterized by boredom.

Whether your marriage is boring after years of prioritizing your now adult kids over your spouse, or because you have prioritized work or young kids over your spouse, it’s time to infuse some fun back into your life, marriage, and family.

Buzzard writes, “Men work hard to date and pursue their girlfriend, but once they marry the girlfriend, it all stops.

The man who dated, wooed, and passionately pursued his girlfriend degenerates into the husband who merely shares a home, bills, conflict and problems with his wife.” I liked the girl, pursued the girl, got the girl….I am excited to share with you nine pages of ideas for you and your significant other.The list includes indoor and outdoor dates, creative challenges and some suggested classes or lessons to take as a couple.I really struggle with making “Date Night” a priority. Other times we can’t find a babysitter, we don’t have the money, and/or life would be so much easier if we had family in town. I know I did a better job of dating my spouse before we got married.It’s not because I don’t love or value spending time alone with Kristen, it’s because we’re busy. I was creative and did things I knew would impress her and get her to like me.The advantages are that the workers have been through an evaluation process (background check, etc.) and the programs really engage the children. If the other options don’t work, this may be worth investigating.