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"Tony Mac Donnell, UK"I have been using MSGTAG for the last couple of months and am absolutely staggered by its performance.

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Have you ever assigned a job to someone who you knew didn't want to actually do it?"I never got your message" is a pretty common excuse.Problem-free, load and forget and it ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS WORKS. In fact, I was so impressed with it that I immediately purchased the plus version. I used to use Outlook Expresses standard read receipt option, but 90% of the time no one would acknowledge the request.Now I no longer have to wonder if people read my email.To find out how to track email with this exciting new version of our read receipt software, head to the MSGTAG Status 2 product page. But how many times do you find yourself wondering if it even got through? You hit "send" and then wait patiently for a reply. Traditional read receipts rely on people to choose to allow a read receipt to be returned to you.

However, if at some time in the past they opened an email and selected "don't ask me about read receipts again" then ... Even if they would be happy to let you know that your email was successfully delivered, their software will block the sending of traditional read receipts.

Read what our users are saying:"I've been using MSGTAG for only a couple of weeks now — and I love it. "Dave Sibley"I just want to say how very much I enjoy this application!

It really IS a great little utility"Bob Arnowitt, New Jersey, USA"I purchased MSGTAG and LOVE it!!! I purchased two licenses and had no idea how much I would value this software. It is so good with dealing in online transactions to know when mail is opened. In a world where we deal in email and long distance communication so heavily, this application proves its worth! "Gordon Barton, Twin Falls, ID"Congratulations on MSGTAG - I don't think I could live without it now!

The MSGTAG email tracking software uses a completely different method than the traditional read receipts to ensure that you know about the status of your email delivery.

Our custom designed email tracking software adds a small track and trace tag that is unique to each email you need delivery confirmation for.

I buy a lot of software, I am formerly CEO of a company with over 500 people and VERY computer literate; And I use the computer constantly. I use email to manage my clients and sensitive communication. Yeaman"MSGTAG is a first class idea and it's so useful." John Dover"I think this is a fantastic program.