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Sixth Paper Session Ontario Salon A Section E: Greek History and Historiography Daniel Leon (Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), presider 1.

Executive Committee Dinner Meeting The Terrace – p.m. Opening Evening Featured Panel Waterloo BC Sponsored by the Women’s Classical Caucus Featured Opening Evening Panel: Grace Harriet Macurdy (1866-1946) and her Impact on the Study of Women's History Elizabeth Carney (Clemson University), organizer Ann R.

Consulares’ Reception (all welcome) Waterloo A - p.m. Assessing and Continuing the Contributions of Grace Harriet Macurdy, Pioneering Feminist Scholar: Barbara Mc Manus’ .

Fifth Paper Session Erie Section H: Panel Senecan Materialism(s): Stoic Physics or the Agency of Matter in the Writings of Seneca the Younger Clifford A. Visualization, Emotions, and Understanding in Senecan Exempla. The Materiality of the Voice in Stoic Thought and Senecas Personae of Claudius.

Scott Lepisto (University of Southern California) 3.

Plenary Reception Waterloo Foyer (Cash Bar) Sponsored by the Women's Classical Caucus Thursday, April 6, 2016 a.m.– p.m. Articulating Identity after the Persian Invasions: A Contextual Analysis of the Temple to Aphaia on Aegina. Debby Sneed (University of California, Los Angeles) 3. First Paper Session Waterloo A Section B: Sappho Andromache Karanika (University of California at Irvine), presider 1.

First Paper Session Ontario Salon B Section A: Greek Religious Art and Architecture Liane Houghtalin (University of Mary Washington), presider 1. The Architecture of Access: Ramps in Ancient Greek Sanctuaries. Faulkner (University of Waterloo), organizer and presider 1. Best Laid Plans: The Uniform Plot of Aristophanes’ Sarah C. Break Ontario Foyer Sponsored by the National Latin Exam – a.m. Assessment from an Instructional Design and Learning Science Perspective. Second Paper Session Michigan Section F: Panel Waterloo Institute for Hellenistic Studies Panel Ptolemy I Soter: A Self-Made Man Sheila Ager (University of Waterloo), organizer and presider 1. Major (Louisiana State University) The National Latin Exam: What It Means for You and Your Students Michigan Leaders: Mary Pendergraft (Wake Forest College) and Liane Houghtalin (University of Mary Washington) : Elizabeth Butterworth (Paideia Institute) – p.m. Reconstructing Antiquity: Alternative Research Projects in Classical Art and Archaeology. Trentin (Metropolitan State University of Denver) 4. Third Paper Session Waterloo A Section B: Gender and Family in New Comedy Meghan Diluzio(Baylor University), presider 1. James (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) 3. With Gods on Our Side: Cicero’s Religious Case against Catiline. Third Paper Session Waterloo C Section D: Panel 3 From “Second Sophistic” to Imperial Literature Janet Downie (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), organizer Lawrence Kim (Trinity University), organizer and presider 1. First Paper Session Georgian Section G: Panel Translation in Late Antiquity Andrew T. First Paper Session Erie Section H: Aristophanes Rebecca Kennedy (Denison University), presider 1. Of Meretrices and Men: The Tragicomic Construction of Clodia’s Reputation in the I. Inter-Kin Intimacy: Sexual and Verbal Intercourse in Euripides’ Daniel Turkeltaub (Santa Clara University) – a.m. Sat-eye-re: Eyes, Vision, and Doppelgängers in Horace’s : Reconsidering Ovid’s Sappho through Her Inscription. The Winter of Discontent: Climate and Interiority in the Exilic Poems. Round Table Discussions #1 “Making Sandwiches in Academia”: Gender and Academic Service Ontario Salon A : Wilfred E. Marie-Claire Beaulieu (Tufts University) and Anthony Bucci (Tufts University) 3. Jonathan Zarecki (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) 4. Grace Harriet Macurdy and 'Woman Power' in Argead Macedonia: Eurydice, Mother of Philip II. ​From Feminism to Orientalism: Grace Harriet Macurdy on Cleopatra and Antony. The Pausanias Problem at the Temple of Apollo in Corinth. Visual Images of the Pythia at Delphi: A Priestess at Work. The Ties that Bind: Women and Tomb Ritual in Classical Athens. Sixth Paper Session Waterloo A Section B: Late Antique Literature Brian Sowers (Brooklyn College, CUNY), presider 1.