How to be less intimidating Who is renee zellweger currently dating

There’s a good and a bad way to reveal your finer qualities without ramming them down your potential partner’s throat.

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Sure, if you have the face of Angelina Jolie and the body of Pamela Anderson, it’s going to take a little extra courage for a man to make his move.

But whether he’ll come your way or stay away has less to do with your body type and more to do with your body language.

It is their choice ultimately but you never need to settle unless you choose to.

For all their bluff and bluster, men aren’t always as confident as they may seem.

This is perfectly fine if you don’t want to be approached, but if you’re hoping to get a little bit of outside attention, play to the room.

Show your warmth, flash your smile, uncross your arms and give the room some love.

Wait for the guy that challenges you and is suitably impressed rather than intimidated by your looks/money/personality/whatever because that is the guy you deserve and whom deserves you in return.

I’m lucky that I have found someone like that (I hope like all couples out there) but I know a few in my family who don’t have this equal partnership.

It could mean the difference between dating and intimidating.

But first, let’s dispel the number one cliché about dating intimidation: being too attractive.

“No I don’t.” You may think you’re a pussy cat but you’re not. Practice vulnerability: Unintended intimidation always exists if you have position or power. “I don’t mean to,” is no excuse for unintended manipulation.