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You weren't the intended audience, so your opinion hardly counts.Janine Stacey was not House's ex-wife, she was his ex-girlfriend. Edelstein revealed that the show would return to its regular format after the season's ninth episode.

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She reminded House of the domestic life he didn't have (and we were sadly reminded that Cuddy was not going to appear in this episode).As House experienced something of his own version of "A Christmas Carol," Wilson and Foreman soon discovered he was missing. In the meantime, Cameron became the latest figure from House's past to appear to him.House responded, "Cancer's boring." The duo rode off into the distance. House's final prank was on Wilson (and just about everyone else).The fact that it cut to the core of the series almost erases the extreme implausibility of how House pulled off such a spectacular stunt, not to mention if the trip into his subconscious even mattered, if he was never really suicidal in the first place. One of the first faces we saw on Monday night (after an extraordinary retrospective special, by the way) was a stunner.

(It was a stunner because Kutner killed himself years ago.) Kutner, who represented House's innermost thoughts, soon determined that House was suicidal.Kutner wondered why House, with his attraction to puzzles, would ever consider the finality of death.We flashed back to House's latest case, a fellow drug addict whose only real purpose in the story was to be the reason House found himself in a burning home: the two of them were doing heroin, and the patient was dead by the time House recovered.House faked his death to be with his friend in his remaining months.So, one of the darkest series on network TV ended with a hopeful, positive message.Richard David Shore, the creator and the guy that decided to end the series instead of find a new network or bid for renewal, wrote the episode.