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“We believe in keeping healthy,” Mc Shane continued. You want to shut your self down and take a little bit of a break from it (football training).” Some coaches detest players going to outside to personal trainers, some don’t.

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“Some of the research I’ve done, you look around the NFL and college football, there seems to be a lot of ties to the Nebraska weight training program – Boyd Epley- and those type of people,” said Mc Shane, referring to the Cornhuskers Hall of Fame strength coach.“They talk about the direct relationship between your vertical jump and being a good football player, specifically. The last six-week period we had was ‘spring football.’ We still lifted twice a week instead of three times a week, but we had two other nights a week where we were installing plays.” Today is what Mc Shane refers to as the start of the “Summer one” session. “Three nights a week of lifting but we review on Monday what we installed during ‘spring football’ just to keep it fresh in the kid’s minds. We’ll incorporate speed development…it’s pretty comprehensive. I spend a lot of time with strength coaches, buddies I know out at Villanova and Delaware.These kids they just want to bench press every day.I say ‘nah, that’s an overuse injury waiting to happen.Training isn’t just coming in and pushing weights around.

Training is resting when you’re supposed to rest, eating when you’re supposed to eat…sleep…the whole thing.We tell our kids…go throw the shot put, play baseball, go play lacrosse…please.The more you can do that, you put yourself in a competitive situation.Usually the guys who have a good vertical jump, usually are pretty explosive football players.” Mc Shane said he talked to the athletic director when he first arrived at Pennsbury about expanding the weight room equipment to coincide with his training philosophy. The AD, they were kind enough and some of the people in the community were kind enough to get behind it. We kind of pick their brains and they were kind enough to share.” Like many coaches, from high school to the pros, Mc Shane says he attends college practices in an effort to pick up some tips for new drills and strategy.“The king of their exercises is the squat,” Mc Shane said. So we can train a lot of kids with the squat.” Mc Shane says players must stick to a program to hit every muscle in the body, stimulating their slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. “I know a lot of nice people who let me me steal from them over the years,” Mc Shane said with a laugh.“It’s like five cents an hour.” Before joining the Pennsbury seven years ago, Mc Shane was the head coach at Bensalem High for 10 years.