Hayoung and sehun dating websites

Plus, who wouldn't have a crush on this cutie as he strides down the hallways like a football champ?

Rookies Red Velvet's Joy, G-Friend, and SONAMOO's Euijin would make perfect cheerleaders.

On November 16, multiple broadcasting reps allegedly stated that she started officially filming for KBS 2TV's special sitcom, 'Brother Jeong Nam.' It's a special sitcom drama that is being produced by KBS for Hallyu fans all over the world! She can't act, her face remained the same throughout the entire drama, there was absolutely no emotion whatsoever.

Despite their cute appearance and sweet mannerisms, these two strong idols are definitely no pushovers and won't take crap from anybody--whether from other students or from teachers. Vocally talented, Gongchan and Lee Hi would rule the school with their melodic voices.A cutie and a total dork, TEEN TOP's Ricky would be the kind of guy that brightens up the room and makes everyone around him smile at his quirky antics, making him perfect for the role of "class clown." Last but not least, we have the teacher's pet--none other than miss A's Suzy!According to an exclusive report, A Pink's Hayoung is debuting as an actress after five years as an idol!SEE ALSO: [Interview] MXM answer your questions about 'Produce 101', future re-debut with Wanna One members, and more!You know you're in your dream high school when you're surrounded by K-Pop idols!

Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA) is a high school that attracts many idols due to its focus on the arts.

They look good together& I think lulu really has something for seohyun.

Unless we do have feeling for them and lulu is way to obvious with all of his stares. Best couple Wires (Kyuhyun & Seohyun) Evil Prince and Angel princess laugh out loud. I can't say anything about them, because I believe they're REAL couple : DKyuhyun look shy if He near to Seohyun and so do Her...

The two quickly took off to visit one of their must-see spots, Mount Ali (Alishan).

In order for them to get to the site, the two had to get on a train and it was at that moment when one foreign traveler asked them, "Are you two models?

We Pyros have strayed away from that path every once in a while, but ultimately, we really do try to return.