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Afraid for her brother, Miyuki agrees to take responsibility for the loan.The yakuza wants her to become a ho, Miyuki wants to be a tennis pro.As such, my grades are subjective to my current tastes. But I was just completely frustrated with the plot.

This is the best sports comic I have ever read in my life and probably will be forever.Once you start reading, you’ll never want to stop.Turns out she used to be a very promising player before her parents died.However, becoming a pro is difficult when friends are few and everybody else conspires to make Miyuki's life hell.This story, provided with great characters, the feeling of suspense, and not knowing what will happen to this heroine makes this a story you’ll want to read from beginning to end.

The sad part of this story is that there seems to be too much villains which is kind of sad since things are always getting harder for her.What makes them so bad is that what they do is something a person can do to you in real life.The main character’s villain is such a… b that I just want to strangle her little neck!(Source: ANN) Yeah… this manga hasn’t actually reached America yet, but that doesn’t stop me from reading the series online and posting a review about it so far.Another fantastic story from the master of suspense and drama, Naoki Urasawa.Our heroine we can easily feel sympathy for because the emotions are clearly given out well.