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Hemos puesto a disposición de todos una calculadora científica online y gratuita en Mentes Liberadas.

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Matlab allows you to place your commands on a simple text file. Giving Matlab the name of this file while in the command window, makes Matlab to execute the script.

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Para más información sobre Foo Plot, les recomiendo el artículo que le dedicamos en Mentes Liberadas: Foo Plot Enlace: Foo Plot Con una interfaz más simple igual no deja de ser útil.

Permite graficar hasta cinco funciones simultáneamente. Se pueden ajustar los intervalos de x e y o definir la cantidad de puntos por curva.

Esta medida de ángulo puede estar dada en grados o radianes .

Si estás viendo este mensaje, significa que estamos teniendo problemas para cargar materiales externos en nuestro sitio.If you have problems with these or any other popular browsers, please let us know so we can fix it! The source code and interface is licensed as free software under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v3. The exported PDF/EPS/PNG/SVG images may be considered to be in public domain (or CC0 if your jurisdiction does not allow for public domain works) and you may use them however you wish.The source code is admittedly rather messy as this entire project was really just a quick hack and learning project, so feel free to contact me at fooplot [at] if you have any questions. A link back to our homepage is always appreciated, but that is entirely your choice.Since multiplication and division are on the same level, your equation x^2/(x 2)(x-2) is read left to right, placing (x-2) in the numerator. This is due to a limitation in the way the plotting mechanism works. You can currently do this by creating a Parametric equation with x=2 and y=s, and setting s to an interval that covers your viewing window. It didn't find a root or intersection that is supposed to exist.If you intend it to be in the denominator, you could enter this as x^2/((x 2)(x-2)) OR x^2/(x 2)/(x-2) — either would work. 2/3 is approximated to 0.666666666667 which then no longer contains the left half of the plot. The root or intersection feature only works for functions of the form y=f(x) and not on polar or other plot types.Una interesante opción es la posibilidad de cambiar el gráfico de cartesiano a polar.