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There’s a lot more to the term BBW than you might think.

Of course, it’s an acronym for the term Big Beautiful Women (or Woman), but it can mean different things to different people.

They’re simply cougar dating and enjoying incredible sex with the best possible partners.

In some cases, even big-bootied girls like Kim Kardashian and Kelly Brook are considered to be somewhere on the BBW scale.To a lot of guys out there, BBWs are primarily associated with the world of porn.Those best men are usually younger guys – they have the stamina, the looks and physique which older men struggle to maintain.Cougars usually fall into two categories: women who got married early, had kids, then their marriage gradually fell apart.We imagine what these people look like and how they act.

We imagine what they might do for a job and the kind of activities they like doing. So when we hear the word cougar, what pops into our heads?Fetishism is only a bad thing if this is the only reason that a relationship may form between two people.However, in most cases, fetishism serves as the initial attraction between two people, which can then develop into something more.This type of woman now makes up for lost time by sleeping with the guys she missed out on during her twenties and thirties.Alternatively, the second type of cougar is the aforementioned career woman who never had time to meet her Prince Charming.They aren’t sitting around waiting for a miracle to happen.