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Category II international safety ratings The Hydra Series III is the only general purpose portable data acquisition system with an IEC Category II safety rating to help protect you and your operators when making real-world measurements on machinery in industrial areas.Other data loggers that are not clearly rated for these types of category measurements should be reviewed before being used for industrial measurement.It supports heat treatment processes validation by Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) and System Accuracy Test (SAT) procedures required by AMS 2750.

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You can choose between standard settings of Fast, Medium or Slow (4.5, 5.5, 6.5 digits) for the resolution you need.You can also select custom measurement speeds on individual channels to get the accuracy and resolution to suit your requirements.Data loggers should not be an exception to that rule.It is sometimes mistakenly assumed that a high voltage input specification on a data logger makes it safe to use on or near industrial equipment or to monitor mains power. The Fluke Hydra Series III was designed specifically to meet stringent CAT II safety standards.As people do things, find out things, run across glitches… Sometimes I will do that on the fly and just take their note and put it in the blog post, hopefully near/in the section where it makes the most sense.

So that you have the info in as near to real time as I can make it and you can then connect the new dots from there 12.9.17 The option to upload screenshots or image files of Transaction Confirmations is now available on the A2V Testing Form.

This will assist a user in anticipating when replacing the relay board may be advisable. To create a customized, graphical process-and-communication- interface with Fluke data acquisition products.

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and AMS 2750 compliant data collection Thermal validation software from TQSolutions supports the Fluke 2638A for enhanced data collection and reporting required in regulated industries.

Totalizer A totalizer input located on the rear panel provides a simple counter that records to the data file on every scan.

The totalizer count can accumulate up to 1,048,575 counts and be reset from the front panel or remote command.

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