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Theresa May faces a growing revolt on the eve of Conservative conference over her plans to tackle high energy prices, with almost 80 Tory MPs signing a letter demanding she live up to promises made at the election.

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And yet Ofgem have chosen to stand idly by, leaving 15 million customers on [standard variable tariffs] to be preyed upon.

A total of 76 Conservatives MPs have joined forces with 116 Labour, SNP and Green members in the cross-party drive to give families price protection against “stitch-up” energy firms.

They include former cabinet ministers Stephen Crabb, Andrew Mitchell, Maria Miller, Caroline Spelman and David Jones, with Robert Halfon, Helen Grant, Dan Poulter and Greg Knight among other ex-frontbenchers.

But following the election ministers passed responsibility for implementing the plan to Ofgem, after which the energy regulator published watered-down proposals which would protect just two million households.

Earlier this month, Greg Clark reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to the policy, that Ofgem already has legal powers to impose an energy cap and that “the ball is in its court” not Parliament’s.

Mr Penrose, who organised the letter with the support from Labour’s Caroline Flint and the SNP’s Patricia Gibson, added: “This was a manifesto pledge in the Conservative, Labour and SNP election campaigns, and the breadth and depth of cross-party signatures on this letter shows huge support for the Government to get this through Parliament.” An energy price cap has huge support from the public.