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Gordon Shepard plays a game of “beers-bee” in which the object of the game is to knock the beer off the pole with a frisbee July 24 during a family reunion on the northern shore of Lake Michigan near Moran, Mich.

He wrote: "By choosing to enforce silence, the institutional church pretends that gay priests and religious do not really exist.

Because of this, there are no authentic role models of healthy, well-balanced, gay, celibate priests to be an example for those, young and old, who are struggling to come to terms with their sexual orientation.

Gregory Greiten told his congregation Sunday, "I am Greg. Greiten said he was breaking the silence of gay men in the clergy so he could reclaim his own voice.

" The priest in the Milwaukee Archdiocese serves as the pastor of St. On Monday, he came out to the rest of the world with an article in the National Catholic Reporter. Gregory Greiten told his congregation Sunday, "I am Greg. He received a standing ovation from his parishioners when he made his announcement before the column's publication.

He was given life without the possibility of parole. Desiree Brown holds her third-grade class picture at Samuel Clemens Elementary School on April 18.

Her parents bought a home in 1973, and after years of struggle, Brown finally purchased a home of her own in 2015.A man walks through the snow with a suitcase across N. She is one of two girls charged as adults in the 2014 stabbing of their sixth-grade classmate, who survived 19 stab wounds. 21 solar eclipse captivated people from Oregon to South Carolina — and Milwaukee.At p.m., the eclipse was at 83% totality outside the Milwaukee Public Museum downtown.As priests who have made a promise to celibacy, we know that every week there are people in our pews who struggle with the question of homosexuality," Listecki said in the statement.Father "Greg’s own story reminds each of us of God’s call to continue to grow in understanding and to live holy, chaste lives," Listecki said.You can provide additional feedback by refreshing your browser or by navigating to a new page - then click on the feedback button in the top right.