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Emily begins to believe Toby may not be Alison's killer, later confessing to him that she is a lesbian.

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Emily comes across Paige, a teammate of hers who began making homophobic remarks to Emily, though she later reveals herself as a lesbian.She and Emily later began dating, although Paige wants to keep things a secret.Emily decides to hold a memorial for Alison; however, the memorial was later destroyed, and a picture of her at its remains made her a suspect.Emily subsequently reveals her feelings towards Alison, after Detective Wilden tries to pin Alison's murder on her.Both girls indulge in shoplifting; later, Hanna gets in trouble, forcing her mother to sleep with a detective for her release. Later, Alison's body is found buried in her old backyard.

Spencer has feelings for her sister's fiancé (Wren Kingston). Realizing that 'A' wouldn't be Alison, the girls began searching for clues.Toby is arrested for Alison's murder, but claims that he met Alison the night she disappeared to thank her for what she did.It is revealed that Jenna, Toby's stepsister, forced him into a sexual relationship.Ian returns in town, later reconciling and eloping with Melissa, to the surprise of the girls.Hanna later enlists Caleb's help to work on Emily's phone in order to talk to Maya.She and Emily later break up, and Emily dates Samara.