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f20 each plus postage) The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author Lilt, 1958, 1959 0 (plus .00 postage) (This price covers, in addition, the supplementary annuals of Motion Pictures and Filtnstrips and Music and Phonorecords) Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1 950-195 1.

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St├ęphane believes that Izidor will take him to Nora Luca when the time has come.

So, he lives in the Roma(Gypsy) village for several months.

Wandering along a frozen road, he meets old Izidor, a member of the Roma (Gypsy) and tells him of Nora Luca.

Izidor seems to understand and takes him to his village.

PATERSON, NEW JERSEY I960 THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CATALOGS IN BOOK FORM PREVIOUS ISSUES A Catalog of Books Represented by Li briny of Congress Printed Card*.

(Cards issued from August 1808 through July 1942) Ann Arbor, Mich., Edwards Brothers, inc., 1942-46. (Cards issued from August 19-12 through December 1947) Ann Arbor, Mich., J. J.) The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author Lisl, 1953-1957. The other inhabitants dislike him at first (as he comes from those who call them thieves and attack their folks) but when they as they get to know him better, they grow to like him.In summer, the ice between him and beautiful Sabina finally cracks, and a secret is revealed. Presented at the ASME annual meeting, New York City, December 1, 2, 1953.