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Danny is engaged — a fact which he struggled to tell Mindy throughout the episode.Meanwhile, after her date with Jody (Garret Dillahunt) ended with her kicking him out of her apartment, Jody tried to win her back by buying her the apartment upstairs so she could give Leo the room he deserves, and so Mindy could have her walk-in closet back.

Danny wanted to settle down and have more kids as soon as possible.This, I think, is a way that protects Danny's character and shows that that problem was very real that they had.Whereas Jody seems like a new opportunity where it's also not perfect in a lot of ways and he's some done terrible stuff — almost gave her chlamydia, for example — but he has also done something really sweet for her. Or am I going to do a risky thing and go back with Danny? ' That's what we meant by "what does it mean?And she's a character who has a lot of outward confidence but inner self doubts she's been wrestling with all season, like, ' How picky do I get to be as a single mom? " Mindy and Danny both say "I love you," but then a worried look comes across Danny's face. It's like they had magical little experience where they were forced together for awhile and the entire world was gone, and they got to remind each other what was great about their relationship when the rest of the world isn't there."Homewrecker."] The kid is staying in the picture, at least for now.

After spending much of the second half of season four on the sidelines following his split from Mindy (Mindy Kaling), Danny (Chris Messina) made a big comeback in Tuesday's season finale when he and his former fiancee found themselves stuck together in a broken elevator for hours.

As Mindy asks in the episode: What does it mean when they sleep together again? Well, I mean, she has a bunch of choices available to her right now with crazy consequences. So there's definitely a world where that's better for him because we already saw what happens when these two really try and make it work — it didn't go very well.

We're working on the next season, so the challenge for us is what is the most interesting choice she can make that puts her in a new position, and I think that fans are going to like what we landed on. They're both smart people and they know that, too.

I think people will be excited by how quickly we move things forward with the decision that she makes. So this season, we've been having fun with the character going back to her lighter romantic adventures from earlier in the show and showing her going on dates with funny guys and having smaller, lighter stories.

That wasn't what Danny's plan was when they broke up.

Jody told Mindy he was in love with her mere moments after her sweet exchange with Danny.