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Italian women are fiercely loyal to their family, their lovers, and their friends.

She’s not the type of girl who bails on friends just because she’s in a relationship.

These friends then intermingle and become a conglomerate who constantly bask in each other’s company. We’re talking gloriously wavy, thick, gorgeous head of hair, coupled with leg hair, arm hair, and, oh yes, a mustache too.

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In fact, you’re probably going to find her hairs all over your apartment. She loves to share her time, her family, her happiness, and won’t let her love for you go unnoticed.And if you think she’s going to be shaving every single day so that her legs don’t scratch you during a snuggle session: think again. In fact, one of the only things she may not share with you is her garlic bread. [Read: Seductive women: 15 reasons why they always get their way] Passion, sex, loyalty, and spaghetti–what’s not to love!?She’s obnoxiously loud, pushy, and puts her heart and soul into what she loves 100%.In even more awesome news, this passion transfers over to the bedroom—an area in which she is truly going to knock your socks off.When it comes to activities, eating is probably going to top most Italian women’s list.

This is because they grew up with some kickass, authentic Italian meals.

When you say you’re taking her out on the town she expects to be shown off and you can guarantee she’s going to dress the part.

[Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy wants in his girl] #8 You’d better like wine.

In fact, she’s probably going to see her friends all the time.

When it comes to Italian women, her friends are your friends and your friends are her friends.

That means opening doors for her, pulling out her chair, pouring her wine, and grabbing the check.