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Each player can only buy a maximum of 10 tickets per round Cheaper tickets of €0.05 with €50 guaranteed and €250 fixed JP50A game type where balls are drawn faster than normal, to make things a little more exciting. Players are only allowed to buy a max of 8 tickets per game Players are only allowed to buy a max of 20 tickets per game Alternating ticket prices together with alternating guaranteed prize pool and fixed JP’s A feature where you can automatically buy tickets for a set amount of games.All you need to do is choose how many tickets you want, the highest price you’re willing to pay for tickets, and how many games you want it to run for.

Short for ‘good luck’, this is a term used to wish other players luck.

Short for ‘have fun’, this is a term used to spread positivity. The higher your level, the greater your rewards on the Loyalty Wheel.

This is the main prize in all Bingo games, achieved when all numbers on the ticket have been daubed. In 75 ball and 75 ball variant the first line can be horizontal, diagonal, or vertical, while all other lines need to be horizontal.

Our Bingo generates balls using a Random Number Generator.

Some game types will have mixed prizes, so the person who gets one line can get the prize that's usually reserved for 3 lines, or a full house, and vice versa.

Some games have special features, such as Buy One Get One Free.

When you create a Bingo profile, you select a lucky number.

This is used in various promotions, and can help you win extra rewards!

Free spins are a type of bonus that involves free rounds on certain casino games.

These can be awarded through the Loyalty Wheel, or through promotions. You can be awarded with vouchers through loyalty, chat games, and promotions.

This offer isn’t always 1 for 1, it can also be 3 for 2, or 2 for 1.