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Customer service staff manning phones and email addresses is extremely expensive and require extensive training.

In case you are facing problems logging into Gmail, this is perhaps the best solution for you.You can forward all your incoming mail messages to any valid email address.I have tried all the steps that you suggested in your earlier article but the problem doesn’t seem to go away.Is there any alternate way I can check my Gmail mails.As far as Jenson’s question is concerned the answer to that is yes.

You can check your mails without using Gmail Login.

For anyone who is facing problems in signing into Gmail, please first read this article where we have detailed common tips which you can use to solve the problems.

Also take out time to read this article about changing DNS address, in case the problem is with your Internet Service Provider.

You can read this article to learn how to setup offline mode in Gmail.

Even the free version of Gmail allows you to forward your incoming mail messages to another email address (Yahoo, hotmail, Rediffmail etc) .

Yahoo could be considered the second fiddle to Google in terms of Internet properties and ad integration.