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While I thought I understood the material I was shocked by the difficulty of the real exam. I then noticed your money back guaranteed products and thought I would give it a try. Your study notes were actually written in everyday English, and for me, it made all the difference! I purchased your study materials but due to a change in m personal circumstances I was not able to devote the appropriate amount of study time.

I found the materials amazing but failed my exam simply because I hardly studied. Thank you for providing me all the resources I need for my Investment Funds in Canada CSI Exam.

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I can't even seem to set up a password there and they haven't responded to my e-mail from 2 days ago.

Does anyone know of another source for this pattern...........used/uncut would be fine. I use specific 3/4 inch or wider strap elastics (very firm, little stretch) from or from - makes a big difference. I was curious about why they had you turn the casing to the inside of the cup, rather than the outside, especially with a larger cup size.

I had failed it twice prior to purchasing your materials and was about to give up. Now that I have my mutual funds course I am going to embark on the Canadian Securities Course®. I was amazed at how quickly I got a response, even on a Saturday.

I would not have had the confidence to do this without you! This level of service continued as I worked through the course and I emailed with questions. After enrolling in the actual course I didn’t want to spend any more money on study materials, so I decided to go it alone. While they condensed the material they were worded just like the actual textbook and really didn’t help me understand the concepts.

You only get German instructions with it, but I have made my own translation of the instructions (text only, no pictures!

) - if anyone would like a copy, please let me know Nancy, I think you and I had a few of the same challenges.Sewy Rebecca: first of all let me say about the rating, you do not need to be an advanced sewer to make this, but it would be difficult for a beginner.It is a good pattern, but needs some thinking to get through it.We’ve come up with a proven and effective study process that works.The Study Tools will help you focus on the concepts that you need to know.If you have not already done so, you must register with the applicable course and exam provider in order to obtain their course materials and write the actual exam.