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Although she had been initially reluctant to take on the project, observers hailed the casting of a trans woman in such a campaign as a sign of progress.Towards the end of the year Harisu appeared in Yonfan's Colour Blossoms, an erotic drama film from Hong Kong in which she shared a role with veteran Japanese actress Keiko Matsuzaka.Do Do were initially cautious about using the commercial, and had been prepared to withdraw it if the response was negative, but it turned out to be a big success and quickly established her as a celebrity.

In September, she entered the K-pop music scene with her debut album, Temptation, a mix of techno-style pop music and slow ballads, which peaked at number 32 on the MIAK (Music Industry Association of Korea) K-pop albums chart.In October 2003, Harisu made the decision to leave her management company, TTM Entertainment.She starred in several episodes as a transsexual woman, returning to her family after a lengthy absence in a bid to gain acceptance.Later that year her Foxy Lady album was released in Taiwan and China with the inclusion of songs re-recorded in Mandarin, and she was even promoted by her Taiwanese record label as the "Kylie Minogue of the East".Released on October 18, 2004, it was poorly received at the box office and by the media, though it had some success at film festivals, and picked up several awards and nominations.

Harisu made a return to Korean screens in early 2005, after being cast in the MBC miniseries Beating Heart, her first major role in a Korean drama.

Harisu first gained public attention in 2001, after appearing in a television commercial for Do Do cosmetics.

The commercial was a success and ended up launching her career, allowing her to branch out into other fields such as music and acting.

Although her comeback was originally scheduled for the summer of 2005, this had been prevented by other commitments overseas.

The album was preceded by a digital single, "Winter Story", and as with her previous album it was released in Taiwan and China with extra songs recorded in Mandarin.

She is the Republic of Korea's first transgender entertainer, and in 2002 became only the second person in Korea to legally change their gender.