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“Part-out is still a serious option we are considering,” Anselm Gehling told .“It would be sad for the aircraft, and the manufacturer I think, if this was the case, but of course we must consider it.” Is the A380 a dead plane walking, or the best-loved aircraft in the skies? Asian low-cost airlines, based in India, China or South East Asia, would be taking much more of a risk on a used A380.

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It makes sense to make them all Airbus, and on these busy routes the extra 124 seats each way should be fairly easy to fill; the A380 is very popular among passengers.Similar logic applies for Air France and Lufthansa, which have 10 and 14 Superjumbos respectively.This comprehensive, fast-paced trip covers a fair amount of ground each day.*Not Included: Optional shore excursions and gratuities.Three more end-of-lease aircraft will soon join it.

The plane’s maker, Airbus, and anyone with a financial interest in A380s desperately need something unprecedented to appear: a secondhand market for the double-deck jet.

Yesterday was a very special day for the Michael W Travels family. It’s been an amazing six years and I can’t believe that Lucas is in kindergarten and has already been to 42 countries!

As a location to await a miracle, Lourdes looks promising.

If a customer can be found for the one-careful-owner, impeccably maintained plane, then the future of the world’s biggest passenger aircraft looks brighter.

The lifespan of a typical plane involves several identities.

All travelers are responsible to check if a visa is required for all countries on their itinerary. This comprehensive, fast-paced trip covers a fair amount of ground each day.