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I've made several flights in the last 9 months with my s&s coupled trucker deluxe. Usually they just take it, but a few times (couple?

) I had to take the bag to the "oversize checkin" area.

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(0033 1 55 69 84 68) I flew business class that entitled me to 'Priority Baggage' and also paid the 0 fee for the bicycle.

Apparently priority carries little weight since they blew it both ways.

The conducter just rolled the bike into the baggage car, secured it into the slots for the front wheel, and set it up so it wouldnt sway.

In Brunswick, he just rolled it right off for me, no muss no fuss. My bike failed to make it with rest of baggage in both directions from US to France.

I had exactly the same experience in San Francisco last September, although I can't remember if the company names were the same.

I was the last stop on the trip and the van driver wasn't expecting a bike box.FWIW, I've used the LAB offer for a number of domestic flights, and it has worked great.I had a similar experience last year flying to Japan: I flew American from St. AA insisted on charging me for the short hop to Chicago, and said the only way I could avoid an additional 0(!Transportation Alternatives, the bike/ped advocacy organization in NYC, maintains a list of the NY metro area's transit companies' bicycle carriage policy.They have this to say about Greyhound: "800-231-2222 National service.If you can at ALL afford an airline, then by all means do it. I know members of LAB and Adventure Cycling can get free bike transport if they book the flight with the org's official travel agency, but don't know if this also applies to international flights.