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I was just looking for some decent milf action, and we need to hear some good strategy for online pickups ... The chances of making friends and finding girls your age are good. They don't like to compete with the young girls, so I need to find where they hide. lol yeah if you want milf action go hang out at cougar bars.

Big Department stores have like 20-30 people ages of 17-28 working. I dont have trouble finding friends, and I can pick up chicks at the bar(I have about a 20% success ratio (1 chick every 5 times I go to the bar) in case you were wondering) Obviously internet dating is a big thing, someone has to be good at it. And if the internet is your first resort maybe you should take baby steps, start off with an escort service and eventually you'll work your way up there.

if i remember right we met off an internet dating site.. but she was just one of those married woman, who wanted more.. i guess she was looking for adventure and romance and simply thats what i gave her.. but like i said, shes been a relationship for so long and just wanted something different i guess... Lots of guys i know say these chicks are sometimes kind of trashy but older and decent looking, mostly they just do it so they can tell us on monday at school that they banged a chick fifteen years older than them t's free and has all the same features as most dating sites.The only thing it doesn't do it try and find bs matches for you, which i consider a good thing since you can just go by looks first.The more selfhood, charm, humor and intelligence you convey the more you will seem worthy of attention. You may get only a polite "No thanks" but that is better than dead silence. Share your methods, best sites, what to write in the emails/profiles. I wanted to find some 35yr old recently divorced milfs and figured this would be the best place.

I tried Yahoo,, and even but I can never get a chick to respond to my emails. It's free and has all the same features as most dating sites.That I've tended to get along with dominant women online is the only qualification I can claim for the following. Will pleasing another, serving her satisfy you deeply, make you happy? Or is it really having your shopping list of tortures and humiliations filled that matters most to you? But you need to be honest with yourself before you can be honest with the people you approach online.Poor fellow, you've emailed countless Dommes and none of them write back. You've expressed your willingness to do "anything." What more could they ask? While some Dommes are only looking for lifestyle slaves others seek play partners.And there's nothing to be gained by trying to meet someone you can't satisfy or that would be inappropriate for you.Aside from the checklist you really should have a few paragraphs describing yourself and your interests outside of D/s.You do read stories of women who reduce men to 24/7 sissymaids and permanent cuckolds.