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That will create your own version of it that you can change and enhance to suit your needs.Updates from Marc Goldfarb I received an email from a Marc Goldfarb with a solution to MSN Stock Quotes problem. The updates are automatic every few minutes where with Excel, you have to manually update it.

This discussion happened with the intent to find the best Alternative to MSN Stock Quotes Add-in for excel.Initial Email by Roger: All of you that use this on a regular basis will already know that this quit working about 4 days ago.Here is a link to it: J4YKNr03kd G9Fbkp VY3Jac Ed3dn JOZXh HSU81SFE#gid=3 If you are logged into your Google account, you can choose “make a copy” from the file menu. Jenny's Cycle Components: Managing a lean supply chain.

Tri-Cities community bank: A balanced scorecard case.

All the worksheets in a spreadsheet are intricately tied together and when MSN Stock Quotes died, I was desperate.

Google Docs was a great interim solution, but here became my problems: I am still using Excel 2003 and not about to pay Uncle Bill another nickel to upgrade, but downloading a Google Doc file in a format would not work as it had to be converted to format, which Excel 2003 would not do. Maybe there was another solution, but I had to have something that worked without all the BS. I am now up and running again in Excel after expending a whole day modifying my spreadsheets.

The other thing about Google Docs is that it updates so often and my spreadsheets are so big that I had to wait a lot while it updated.

Technitya does the same thing but the refresh does not appear to be as frequent. I use a lot of color coding, conditional formats, etc., and sometimes Google Docs just says, “No.” The other thing that Stock Quotes in Excel add-in did is that it greatly expanded my ability to analyze investments.

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