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But what if you don’t know how it feels to have anxiety?

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There is no silver lining and all hope is lost when anxiety grabs hold.

Your wife is most likely planning her own funeral in her mind while she’s blow drying her hair.

I have feared many things that weren’t really there, but still couldn’t stop the cycle of terror.

It reminds me to be patient with her, because I know how it feels.

Just ignore their fangs as you go grab some groceries.

This is what it feels like to a person with anxiety.

Even though we KNOW she will not get hurt, she feels the opposite.

I pity her, because I see myself in the midst of her panic.

She starts shaking and crying when we set her on the toilet.

It’s not something we can avoid, so we spend about thirty minutes each time trying to get her to go.

So add to it all, the shame and embarrassment that goes with anxiety.