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In this example, the task is to sum the salary column.

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The second sheet variable points to a spreadsheet named Sheet1. Notice that we use some of the predefined Excel variables to set our collection times.

We also use the "Active Workbook" class, which is used to identify the currently active workbook in the Excel file.

The Excel IDE makes it easier to create pivot tables than code, so you can review the information and the steps to better understand how they work.

Once you understand how they work, you can then use code to create one dynamically.

This article covers pivot tables and how you can create one using VB.

The best way to understand pivot tables is to create one using the Excel IDE.

The following code sums a salary column to find out the total annual salary for all employees.

In the code above, we make one more addition to our pivot table.

It's better to copy the pivot table over to a new location to avoid accidentally overwriting any existing data. This list lets you filter and customize your report. Check the box if you want to include the column and remove the check mark if you want to hide the column.

At the bottom of the dialog box, you'll find the field filters.

Pivot tables are similar in function to extraction and data mining in your spreadsheets.