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She’s best known as the hot wide-eyed chick in the 2001 Planet of The Apes remake with Marky Mark.

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[From Radar Online] Maybe I’ve watched too much “My Name is Earl,” but I would not screw with Jaime Pressly! I don’t blame her for tracing the phone and getting all up in Estella’s face, I would have done the same thing.

Maybe I would have brought the cop in with me though to avoid a scene.

(Or who have no clue about i Cloud.) Here’s another story along those lines with some semi-famous names attached.

Estella Warren is a former model who didn’t quite make the transition to film.

“Estella was at the party as a guest of the photographer, not of the birthday boy,” an eyewitness tells Radar

“However everyone was getting on and having a good time.” That was until the bag disappeared.

“Jaime used the Find My i Phone app – which is like GPS – and saw that her assistant’s phone was at a club in West Hollywood called Bootsy Bellows.

So she immediately left the party with her friends to find out who had it.” According to our eyewitness when Jaime arrived at the club, she spotted Warren holding an i Phone.

So she’s not known for her sobriety, and neither is the other person in this story, TV actress Jaime Pressly.